What can I leave in the locker?

You can leave all your clothes or household textile products (tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains). Put your order on the site or application. You can order Dry Cleaning, washing and ironing, only washing or only ironing.

How do I make a payment?

Payment will be made online, with a credit card. You will get the payment instructions on your e-mail address.

How big is a bag of laundry?

Our laundry service prices are based on a standard washing machine load which is up to 5kg. This is typically a pillow case full of clothes. If your order is larger than this, then this would be charged as a 2nd bag of laundry.
What can I put in the bag?

You can bring underwear, T-shirts (long and short sleeves), sweatpants, sweatshirts, socks, tights, pajamas, nightgowns, robes.

How does it look when garments are (not) separated by colors?

If you order a wash without separation by colors (mixed), we will wash all your garments together, but we will insert “color catcher” into the washing drum.

And if you order a wash with separation by colors, we will only insert items of similar colors into the drum.

Are you going to wash my stuff along with someone else’s stuff?

No, we will wash your garments only, whether you ordered washing separated by colors or not.

What does “washing and ironing” mean and what is just “ironing”?

Washing and ironing means that we will wash, dry and iron all your garments and return them folded or on a hanger.

Ironing means we will iron all washed laundry that you bring and return them folded or on a hanger.

What will be folded/on the hanger?

Dress shirts, blouses, jackets or blazers, coats, pants, dresses will be delivered on a hanger (garments which you normally keep on hangers in your closet).
Underwear, T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, tights, pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes and sweat pants will be folded.

When will my garments be ready and delivered?

You can expect your garments within 24 to 48 hours, unless there is a piece of clothing with a stain that needs an extra care.

Can I get some items before the others?

If you want to get some items before the others, you need to make two orders, separate items that are urgent and specify it when ordering.

What clothes are not suitable for washing?

Clothes with stains, silk, wool, leather or garments with leather or fur applications are not suitable for machine washing, so please order dry cleaning for such clothes.

How do you know what detergents may or may not be used on my clothes?

When receiving your goods every item goes through a detailed inspection and verification of maintenance instructions on the label. We will wash or clean your garments following these instructions.

Will you give my email address to someone else?

We are committed to protect the privacy of all our customers and will never give your email address to a third part. We collect only the necessary, basic information about our customers and behave in accordance with good business practice in order to provide high quality services.

Is credit card payment safe?

When entering your payment card details, sensitive information are transmitted over a public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocol and PKI system, as currently the most advanced cryptographic technology. Data security is guaranteed by payment card processor ChipCard a. d. Belgrade, so that the entire billing process is performed on the site ChipCard-a. Your credit card data are not available to us or our system.

Refund in case of complaints

In the case of a refund to a customer who had previously paid with some of the credit cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for the return, Maxi Cleaning is obliged to refund only through VISA EC / MC and Maestro payment methods.